Privacy Policy

Making a connection with a doctor has become a challenging task these days. However, we at myop help in creating the best private association of the patient with the top doctors. You can ideally use our app to connect with the specialized doctors, and you can also have other medical services provided by our professionals. Also, it becomes crucial for our service to maintain the personal information of the patient hidden from the fraud people so that you can use our service without any interruption.

There are some privacy policies that myop follows for protecting the information of our loyal patients. The site requires name, date of birth, card information, medical problems, and other private information to access the nature of patient because sometimes it assigns fraud cases. Thus, some of the privacy policies have listed below:

  • Private information of patients remain entirely confidential
  • We use licensed telemedicine and video calling options
  • We accept users required data for the payment procedure
  • We follow all laws and legal procedures for guarding our loyal patient's information
  • The connection of doctor and patient remains entirely hidden

Every patient provides their personalized information on the application of the myop when they register to have doctor consultant service. Therefore it becomes our responsibility to maintain proper privacy policies to help the condition of the patients. You can trustfully connect with our service because our primary focus is to help our patients by providing them full security.

Mainly the process of registration helps in ensuring loyal patients from the fraud people that are connecting with the service. Some of the following privacy policies will help you in trusting our service efficiently.

  • Information registered: We at myop only register required information of the patient that helps in ensuring the actual patients from the fraud ones. We mainly ask for name, DOB, gender, health issues, occupation, contact information, location, e-mail, and much other limited information. It helps our professionals to connect with our patients quickly, and then the experts can handle the patient's health by connecting them with a perfect doctor instantly. Sometimes users use the app for their family member's health issues; thus, they need to register information according to the family member by providing their reference.

  • Use of information by myop: We mainly use the information to connect appropriately with the patient so that we can receive proper information about the health conditions. We also track our patients so that we can quickly help our patients to make an appropriate connection with the doctor through video calling.

  • Personal data: We focus on protecting the personal information of the patient. Mainly the contact and car information require ample protection, and thus our professionals provide the use of proper networks to maintain the site fraud-proof. All the users can only connect with external details of the application and can never access other patient's data. We at myop do not leak any personal information from our customers. Thus you can trustfully decide to connect with our service at any time without bothering about the fraudulent issues.