Terms of Use

The basic terms and conditions apply to every patient that uses the myop. Thus, all the patients and other users should grow through these terms and conditions properly because it is suitable for all users that access to the excellent service of myop. When you access the service of myop, you eventually get bounded in the terms and conditions; thus if you break these conditions, you probably get punished.

Also, when you register our service, then it becomes essential to give proper information and personal data while making doctor appointments or buying certain medications. It becomes vital to have age more than 18 when you are deciding to use this app properly because of specific health problems. Also, if you are registering to our site, then we consider that you are above 18 years and are capable of using the site with complete responsibilities.

  • License facility: Every person has its rights that mainly mean that you can use the features of our mobile applications and even can print the critical content of the page. However, some essential points have not included in the condition policy. Firstly, you can not publish other content on the website or the mobile application of myop.

  • Limited use: We at myop helps in providing limited facilities to our customers which means they cannot access or change the website content; on the other hand, they can book doctors or personal check-ups. They can also buy prescribed medicines and can also access the diet chart facility. You can report your health problems to the doctors through our best service. The users should not ever try to post any illegal or irrelevant content on the site or mobile app. They are not supposed to play any fraudulent and unlawful act while using the app otherwise if any user performs such action, then they get punished very severely. Even, you should not copy, send, transmit, or distribute any sort of information from our smartphone app.

  • Online Consultations: We at myop help in providing consultation with top doctors through telemedicine or video calling. However, if you face any problem with the network or other connection issues, then it becomes essential for you to consult us for a better connection. We also provide calling and texting facilities; thus, you can consult with a doctor at any time.

Some legal terms and private policies

  • You should not include any personal information or email codes on the website.
  • Avoid posting inappropriate ratings and reviews on the mobile app.
  • We keep all the medications completely confidential from other users.
  • The myop does not accept any abusive or harassive information.
  • We only account users standard accessible information.
  • Does not try to threaten any contact information while using the app
  • Only the authorized employees can use personal manipulation procedure of the website.
  • You can connect with all the specialized doctors by connecting correctly with our professionals.
  • The users should be 18 years old while using prominent information of the myop

Privacy Policy

There are some privacy policies that myop follows for protecting the information of our loyal patients. The site requires name, date of birth, card information, medical problems, and other private information to access the nature of patient because sometimes it assigns fraud cases. Thus, some of the privacy policies have listed below:

  • Private information of patients remain entirely confidential
  • We use licensed telemedicine and video calling options
  • We accept users required data for the payment procedure
  • We follow all laws and legal procedures for guarding our loyal patient’s information
  • The connection of doctor and patient remains entirely hidden